St. Finbarre's Church, Carrickmacross

Carrick Church from MagherossOn the 20th April 1788 the Select Vestry of Carrickmacross Parish decided to build a new church to replace the existing Magheross Church. The ruin of the old church still stands near the junction of the Kingscourt and old Ardee Roads. The new church cost 600 and was part funded from the sale of the slates, timber, windows and doors of the old church and partly from the charging of pew rents. A wooden spire was added to the church in 1795 which was replaced with the present stone one in 1804. The clock was placed in the tower in 1799 and in 1812 the bell was moved from the old church to the new one. Both bell and clock were replaced in 1914.

Recent Clergy:
1914 - 1937 Thomas Stewart Watson
1937 - 1940 George William Allen Howard
1940 - 1959 Richard Whithead
1959 - 1963 Bertram Livingston
1963 - 1973 William Butler Heney
1973 - 1984 James Jackson Stevenson
1987 - 1993 Henry Hubert Boyland
1994 - 2001 John Leslie Sutcliffe
2001 - 2006 David Cole
2007 -
Robert Kingston

A short history of St. Finbarre's by the Rev John Sutcliffe is available on request.
This is a link  to some notes we have put together.

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