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Carrickmacross History

The area occupied by the current Group of Parishes: Carrickmacross, Donaghmoyne, Inniskeen, Killany, Magheracloone and Ardragh, roughly covers the area know in ancient times as Farney. Farney is an anglicised version of 'Fernmag' or 'the plain of the alder'. This was one of the five 'tuath' or petty kingdoms of Monaghan which the Norman invaders incorporated into their administrative system as 'baronies'.
The history of Farney is too lenghty to be dealt with here and it is well covered on numerous other web-sites. We have some suggestions on the Links page.
As time goes on we will gather information about our church sites and parish areas. If anyone can send information we will be very happy to get it.

Parish Records
Except for those in current use, these are not available locally having been deposited with the Representative Church Body Library in Dublin.

God's Acre Graveyard Map
We include a rough map of the Carrickmacross Parish graveyard known as God's Acre. It is on the Dundalk road on the town side of the southern access roundabout. If you are willing to share information about those buried in the graveyard we would like to build a database of such informaion. For the moment we include the information which is public knowledge through headstones, church records etc. The numbers in the first column of the spreadsheet refer to the locations on the map while the second and third columns refer to the Entry numbers in the old Graveyard Book.

We thank John Burns of the Workhouse Project and Emma Hill for their work on the church records making this presentation possible
Any remaining errors are the responsibilityn of the Rector.

Parish History
This is a link to a draft version of some notes we have put together. They are not complete and any suggestions for improvement or correction would be very welcome. If you would like a watermark free printed copy please contact us and, if there is sufficient interest, we may get it printed.

Magheracloone History

The Parish in the lifetime of Patrick Byrne

Ardragh History

Ardragh Parish History

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